Who We Are

Who Are We? 

Paris First is a vibrant congregation, highly engaged in mission, with a variety of ages that make up this church family.  We promote a theology of Grace and encourage our church family to live their faith from a spirit of openness to all the ways God is revealed in our neighbors. 

 “Who is God calling us to be?”   

We are CURIOUS! We wonder who we and you were created to be and who God calls us to become.

TOGETHER we are seeking to…..

BE LOVE, so others can know their belovedness.

BE GENUINE, caring, and compassionate!  

BE FAITHFUL to our Methodist roots by developing relationships both inside and outside our church family.

BE a SAFE SPACE where all can be nurtured and accepted physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

BE RELEVANT for our time.


Craig Harris, our current Lay Leader, offers our congregation this challenge, as we live out the United Methodist motto “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.” 

“Is your heart big enough to accept whomever or whatever walks through the door?

Is your mind open enough to seek me out in places you never thought I would be?

Do your doors open wide enough to take in ALL my children?”  

Paris First United Methodist Church is a place to give your heart a home.