Mothers' Morning Out

Mothers’ Morning Out provides positive social interaction and age-appropriate activities in a loving environment for toddlers through four-year-olds on Mon – Thurs. mornings.

Mothers’ Morning out is an early childhood program with children ranging from 1 year to preschool age. Our teachers are Mrs. Tina (preschool class), Mrs. Jamie (toddler class), and Mrs. Kaylee (our assistant). Our program is open Monday through Thursday (8 am to 12 pm) and goes year-round, including in the summer months.

The program includes teaching and fun activities on a variety of subjects, including numbers, colors, art and crafts, ABCs, shapes, sciences, reading, physical education, music, maths, and more. We also help teach basic skills, such as cutting, writing, forming friendships, following a routine/schedule, sharing, organizing, following directions, manners, and more based on each age group.

We have had a fun and wonderful time working with and getting to know all the children that have joined our program over the years and look forward to the children to come!